The past two thesis classes jeanette and I have been narrowing down the types of topics that we would like to cover with our stories. As of right now, we have the instructions/stories written on the subjects of how to mail out letters and how to do laundry. I'm currently working on the illustrations to go with the laundry story, and spent a lot of the previous class period figuring out how I would feel most comfortable drawing out the stories.


I spent these class periods working on drawing while Jeanette worked on the info. While she researched how to send out the mail and revised her how-to-laundry story, I looked at various illustrations of children's-themed books, comics, and stories. I also tried to replicate a few and decide on the style that we would use for the book.

1/26 + 1/30

During these past couple days I've been structuring my thesis more and I've come to the point where I've made a tentative outline for the end game research paper. The plan of action is to go through the points of the outline and hopefully get a rough draft going by mid-march. Here's a link to the google doc:

Structuring and gathering info

Last time and today I read through articles specifically talking about how children learn at age 4 vs. at age 5.


halfway through the term paper!

Thesis Day

I kept on reading and taking notes on my source from last time


Today I was trying to wade through